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I, sitting in the window seat, turn away from the busy crowd that is inside the bus- crowd ranging from young to old, rich to poor, happy to sad. Bus stops at a traffic junction and I peep out of window. The eununchs and beggars- disabled and poor, run towards the vehicles. I slowly shift my attention to a large hoarding that sports advertisement-cum-comics. A smile crosses my lips and I come out of thoughts. I read again and this time completely absorb and again smile!

I am refering to the Amul ads which slowly became a part of our talk, and which was followed keenly – more keenly awaited than R K Lakshman’s You said it in TOI. And it was a small joy when the ad came close to what I had expected! The ads-cum-cartoon captured the news and current affairs and gave a nice comic touch to it. Sometimes silent, sometimes with a punching one-liner, it always maintained good standards of creativity!

Yummy, all the hits are available online 🙂

Why a post on amul hits ? Well, among the things I miss from Bombay, it is next only to Vada pav, beaches, trains and girls 😉

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