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Some time back, I was recalling what Sabeer Bhatia had observed when his much hyped Aarzoo had to see the end of the road- “I do not want to put $1 from my pocket to keep it alive”. Well, this was from a person who had made quite a deal from Microsoft for his Hotmail.

It might be just business in that case, but it applies to any context. The moment we stop enjoying, we better stop doing it. Those who understand this, like top blogger Kiruba , puts it to practice. And he quits blogging.

Rashmi had come up with a neat post about friendship. She gets the word right “effortless“.

Back to the end-of-the road stuff. As long as something is effortless, it remains enjoyable. If we require to put an ounce of effort, then it is because, either it is no longer interesting or it has become(is) a necessity. Unless it is the latter, there is no point in bearing the burden. There have been instances of writers, painters discontinuing their years of work, or even destroying their earlier work. You call it burn-out, you call it end. Just let it go.

I have experienced this many times, that things seize to be what they were. Like the death of a pet. It is over. It was all nice. Was.

Kiruba might just have posted it for April 1st. Just may be. Or might not be. In either case, as they say, life goes on. Aaj yahan, kal kahin aur.

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