1. Very good Ravi.. A suggestion… try to include an image of the original kannada composition next time…I can't πŸ™ Baraha does not run well on Linux (using WINE)…

  2. it was very good attempt, but i konw it is very tough, i thought that 5th, 7th & 8th line were not appropriate, here is my version of those lines, i hope u dont mind it…. :))5th line :what ever she cooks is fine, since she's my wife and she'l never leave me.7th line:kabbiganooru is kabbiga – writer (got meaning from my partner) so it must be writer's dream land. so correction isit must be a dream, if there are ways to the writer's dream land 8th line: if anybody has to get the kingship of this dreamland it must be only me.

  3. Naveen,thanks πŸ™‚ your corrections are valid…! I had known during school time that "kabbiga" = "kavi", but somehow it didn't strike πŸ™

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