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hendathiyobbalu (a wife)
K.S.Narasimha Swamy

If a wife is present at home, that is crore rupees for me
If a wife is near me, I am also a soldier

If a wife is present at home,it is full moon holige light
If she wants to go to her maternal home, I am angry like anything
One who is with me, one who has not left me, cooks very well
Possessor of pony tail that resembles snake, where has she come from !

It should be a dream that there are ways to Kabbiganooru
If anyone gets to be wealthy there, it should be me
In the star light and filled palace, beautiful girl may roam
She would be smiling next to me on throne

Where are visitors from the palace of Chandiranooru, now ?
And where are the descendents from the doors of silver fort
In the company of wife, richness and poverty, are no fears
Man is not a victor, if he has not experienced the love of a wife.

Ps: Yuk, this exposed my ignorance and illeteracy in both the languages. I am sorry and I apologise to KS Narasimhaswamy.

Original Kannada Song:

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Above image and writing is courtesy Baraha and Guruprasad.

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4 thoughts on “hendathiyobbalu

  1. Very good Ravi.. A suggestion… try to include an image of the original kannada composition next time…I can't πŸ™ Baraha does not run well on Linux (using WINE)…

  2. it was very good attempt, but i konw it is very tough, i thought that 5th, 7th & 8th line were not appropriate, here is my version of those lines, i hope u dont mind it…. :))5th line :what ever she cooks is fine, since she's my wife and she'l never leave me.7th line:kabbiganooru is kabbiga – writer (got meaning from my partner) so it must be writer's dream land. so correction isit must be a dream, if there are ways to the writer's dream land 8th line: if anybody has to get the kingship of this dreamland it must be only me.

  3. Naveen,thanks πŸ™‚ your corrections are valid…! I had known during school time that "kabbiga" = "kavi", but somehow it didn't strike πŸ™

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