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Wow…finally I have installed a Linux Os on this system. Even though I had heard a lot about SimplyMepis by the pros, it could not detect the graphics for me. Installation, graphics, sound, modem have always been an issue for new users – I am a new user from 6 years 🙁 . Add to that, this time SATA support was also an issue.
I have installed Ubuntu downloaded from here. The installation asked comparitively fewer questions, infact no-brainers. I was happy to see it decide what to install and proceed with the complete installation !
Next graphics…no probs here. Sound…I am installing mp3 player now, the default one does not play mp3 files. Got good help here.
Internet, it could not install my internal modem. But I didn’t waste much time on it since ethernet connection was easier to set up (and am currently logged on using the same connection!). I somehow feel the browsing is slower that it is in Windows 🙁
But it took infinite amount of time (or did it hang–I mean Linux hangs??) to mount my sata drive :((. The fact that it could recognise the drive means it should be able to mount it as well, but somehow it stops responding. Hope I get some help on the net.

That is it for now, have to explore a lot. Good Sunday afternoon instead of usual sleep routine !!

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