Shouting at a wall. Listening to echo. Looking at a mirror.


March 23rd 2005 in myQuotes, Thoughts

is bad ….

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The Optimist

wow!! what an awe inspiring post.Guess what….. this post of urs underlines a similarity between us….. tat of being " VETTI "


:)That is for the 'similarity' part of it.

These days I am picking up the skills of interview I guess. I am speaking in journo lingo. I feel I have certain qualities that would make me a good interviewer. I feel good interviewer should : Be a keen listener Be albe to relate things easily […]

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Wow…finally I have installed a Linux Os on this system. Even though I had heard a lot about SimplyMepis by the pros, it could not detect the graphics for me. Installation, graphics, sound, modem have always been an issue for new users – I am a new user from 6 years :( . Add to […]

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