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These days I am picking up the skills of interview I guess. I am speaking in journo lingo. I feel I have certain qualities that would make me a good interviewer. I feel good interviewer should :
  • Be a keen listener
  • Be albe to relate things easily
  • Probe very effectively
  • Almost get the things what I am interested
  • Use the answers to previous questions to ask more questions
  • Grasp the flow easily
  • Keep an eye on the watch
  • Be able to direct the conversation
  • Be able to filter out the useful and meaningful jist.
As an example today I spoke to Deva for quite a long time. He is our seniour colleague(5 yrs), highly talented and experienced engineer. He spoke about the current trends in the industry, his concerns for immediate future, his ideas that are feasible, pieces that are missing, the actions that are necessary, possible risks and advantages in the market, anticipation of change etc. His way of looking at things is quite different from ours and I thus wanted to get a feel of his thoughts. In the flurry of his words, conclusions were often difficult. I had to cut him short sometimes.
Overall I understood lot of things and it was a good experience as an interviewer also.
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