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This was the movie I saw a few days back…actually its title is longer than I have mentioned in the title, a reference to a certain colony which bears little or no significance to the story line. I saw this movie because couple of blogs mentioned about it, and also because Nbk got the CD. These thoughts are not on my movie blog because I am not evaluating the entire movie, just the story.
It goes like this: Hero is almost a fighter, and a typical middle class man with lower middle class values. He sees heroine. Continues to see her. Goes everywhere she goes. Stares at her. Continues to stare at her. Even after she is uncomfortable, continues to stare and follow her. Goes and falls on her in the bus. Chooses bus to give chain and errr the bus stops. Something happens and she slaps him with her shoes. Continues to follow her. Offers help. Continues to offer help even if she refuses. Continues to follow her. Continues to stare at her. She is engaged. But he continues his effort. Finally she gives in. But why? why ? why? Is it because he says “I do whatever I feel like. I don’t give flowers, cards. But I am honest” (and I will continue to stalk you??) She even tries to reform her. And another few scenes the movie ends.
I never really got to know if the movie was progressing at all. I have seen repetitive themes in movies, but repetitive scenes ?? I am really clueless about the element that has made this movie popular (if it has become). It would be interesting to know if any girl dare say she likes the movie.
Moral to the youth : “Perseverance pays” is the only theme on which movie seems to be based. Or probably “Try try until you succeed”. Only sad thing is the approach.
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