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March 20th 2005 in People, Thoughts
Whoa !! Just a day after I thought this blog has limited readership, I am proved wrong ! Surprisingly, Swaroop, Pradeep came to know that I have written a post on people that feauters their names and left their comments !! I guess this should be the work of technocrati. The result ? My post was included in Swaroop’s own blog mela !! What a timing of my post and what a content !

On the other hand, I should be more conscious now :( How I wish I had disagreed with this lady, who after posting many posts about the freedom of speech, has obligations to men’s imagination itself :( I am way too disinterested in an argument, and thus am not linking to her blog.

In a related context, this makes an interesting read.

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Biographies and auto bio threw open the lives of people. That was limited accessibility. Not anymore. Thanks to blogging, we can follow some people live. Here are few people whose blogs I read and admire them:First on the list is Kalyan. Managed server in college, gives speeches on Linux, wrote articles to magazines, got into […]

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During school days/ college days after vacation my fellow friends were disappointed and bored at the thought of getting back to school or college. I used to pity the weeping kids being dragged to schools by their mothers on the first day of reopening. I used to wonder about the difference in reaction by me […]

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