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March 17th 2005 in Life, Thoughts
There are two things : Interesting and Important.
Watching cricket is interesting. Washing vehicle and stinky shoes is important.
Reading blogs is interesting. Updating technical skills is important.

Priority = Importance + Interest

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One of the presentation tips is to “Define audience”. I have absolutely no clue who is reading this blog, if at all someone is (except those regular good people). I understand that blogging is not ‘presenting’ and I continue writing things like these and others that appeal to me and at a frequency that suits […]

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The news of googler being fired for blogging about google is still fresh in the minds, here comes the extinction of Mediaah. Sad.I am afraid . And that’s the reason I put the blue ribbon in my site the moment I came across it. But I feel, my opinions are no where explicit!More […]

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