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Few plans cancelled on sunday and left with unplanned void…
2-3 missed calls from a number unidentified! Not bothered to call back or to message. I am plain bored of unidentified messages and missed calls.
A message from the same number.
Further conversations are here for you…
Hi, who are you
K:I am karen doing my 2nd pyej at jnc..was bored so just flicked thru a no and got urs..Wanna be frendz
Rk:I dont mind but i am more comfortable in emails! Whats pyej? Ur full name ? U can call me
K:hey dat wud be a prob..i wud prefer sms…Pyej stands for psyc eng n journo..N can u tell me about urself
Rk:i work in it industry. Where do you stay? How do I pronounce your name? R u a boy?
(2-3 missed calls before i finish typing and a msg- missed calls kept happening before i cud send the reply)
K:Why r u takin so long to reply ?
Rk:Mobil typin is slow. What do you want to know about me
K:I am a gal. How do i tell how to pronounce my name
K:R u a gal?
Rk:Using some other similar familiar names
Rk:I am a boy!
K:K ka is like cat n ren sounds like dat k ?
(-In between I wanted to check with my friend whether this girl is the same whom he is meeting…bcoz psy and journo sounded familiar..and was curious how she got my num…–
So this message was typed to my friend(N):
“If u dont mind give me her num. Dont worry i wont use it. By the way we need to name ur gal.”
And by mistake- yes by mistake- I sent this msg to ‘K’ !!! Later sent it to N also)
Rk: Ok fine! not very clear but ok. By the way i think i sent a message not intended to u
K:Wat was that all about?
Rk:Sorry I am chattin with my another friend
(need to clean few sms for lack of space..just fwded few to some friends…)
K:Yeah right confused …so wat ya doin? tell me how old r u? N wat r u basically..Where did u study and stuff like that…
Rk:I am 23yrs young! Studied engineering. I like watchin movies,readin,computer,emailing. U tell me about u. give me some time to reply Do u chat like this whenver u get bored?
K:K me am 19 like listening to music dancin n readin n playin basket ball..Actually today all my friends are busy no one is free to msg so fluked ur no. So how do you look ?
Rk:Ppl say I am fat. I am not that concerned. I look confident and serious-but I make good fun. I wear specs..Huh this was like answering an interview question. I dont like talkin about myself:( u can tell me about ur looks. wat do you do in free time..So you will only chat with me only till ur friends r busy? Dont u use email ?
K:yeah..i tlak to strangers only when my frendz r busy n if u become my frend den dat wud be cool n i use an email..can u send me ur pic?
Rk:U didnt tell me how u look. Give me ur email address. U can also see my blog for my pic.
K:I am fat short dark n ugly. Im not kidding n in my free time i being very honest
Rk:What do you read ? Not giving me ur email id ?
K:a_demont @ ..
(I meanwhile sent another sms to N…”I was just wondering what wud have happened if u met a short dark fat or ugly girl ??”)
Rk:Whats that id mean..And r u a Christian ?
K: I am …N its a secret
Rk:Ur id is a secret ? Give me some hints.
K:Why do u wanna know it has something to do wid my devilish ways..
Rk:DEVILISH WAYS ?? r u a part of secret society ??
(N shot back -” whats happenin 2 u? Idle mind in (-shud be ‘is’) devils workshop. Dont sms all these things. my sis always reads my sms, i was there with her when u sent sms….”
I replied-“Dude u r also talkin about devils?? I am chattin with a devil. Details later…’)
K:Yes I am…n do u wanna join our society..?
K:V r lookin out 4 a manager 4 our society
Rk:I am not interested in managing ur society! I am getting scared 🙁 got some work, will catch up with u later.
K:Hey,I was jus jokin…N k..Cya later ..have a nice day
Rk:u too have a nice day…i really was scared:( and u will believe me 🙂
K:Hmmm never mind Nway cya take care bye
Update : Next day I came across a matching email id in a fwd. Asked Vasanth to get the hotmail id of that person.
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