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Python meet

March 15th 2005 in Tech
This was one of the best things that I did in between my tight work schedule. Taking my time off during the compilation of our software, I attended python meet that was held at Thought works office. Pradeep keeps talking about Python, I didn’t want to loose an opppurtunity to learn its basics. It was nice to meet people from various companies to do tech hobby! One person expressed with out expressing, his displeasure due to his outsourcing” to blore. Imagine you being sent on site and paid less than what you get now:-/ But his knowledge and hold on the language was well visible. I could understand most part of the talks, but was clean bowled during FP and generator expressions :( As noted by one, lot of good things are happening in blore! It was a good evening but I havent been able to learn a bit after that. I have downloaded the Swaroop‘s book and software but hands-on is yet to happen.

FP looked very attractive! I realised that I used Fp without knowing that it is Fp in Matlab..Or am I missing something here ?

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