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Few things are happening in my sorroundings!! Pavan is leaving and so no one will monitor my mails now 🙂 All the best Pavan! Ramakanth got engaged and now he blabbers about his girl his future etc. Its a welcome relief from his earlier blabbering about ‘jagging’. All the best Ramakanth, may you have a wonderful life ahead.
Sudhakar has quit, to pursue his higher studies. All the best man! May you succeed in your efforts and achieve your goals!

My place has changed. I have selected a corner place which is almost like a cubicle and was used only by PMs earlier. A lonely spacious place with the window next to me has already become envious possession. As somebody said, I really know how to be happy with small things.

“Don’t tell the world what you can do. Show it. Greatest forces in nature are silent. Electricity has no noise. Heat is dumb” This quote has moved from my bedroom to office cubicle out of need.

One good news : I withdrew from BEC :))

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