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March 15th 2005 in Life

I helped pollination of few vanila flowers. It is delicate work to peel the flower, lift and place pollen grain on stigma. We had just grown it for curiousity and fun. But is a strong source of economy for few farmers.

Vanila, the scent used in icecreams, looks like beans. Costly crop it is, for a kg costed 5k in its prime. The processed (dried etc) would cost 5-6 times more. This crop gave rise to lot of thefts and animosity between neighbours near Shimoga, Chickmagalur. Now the market is not in its prime; the reason being few bad quality output by some of the farmers have given a bad name to Indian crop in general.

Our house is being painted. I got confused over the options of colours to paint my room. I delayed my decision; Finally gave a nod to Pink.

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Few things are happening in my sorroundings!! Pavan is leaving and so no one will monitor my mails now :) All the best Pavan! Ramakanth got engaged and now he blabbers about his girl his future etc. Its a welcome relief from his earlier blabbering about ‘jagging’. All the best Ramakanth, may you have a […]

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