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After confusing and clearing myself with all the tax related calculations, I am into Shares. And not with out a reason.

In a medieval period when people we knew spoke economy to an extent of the latest Rs 500 denomination, my father spoke shares,debentures,bonus etc. He had had quite a few suggestion seekers, students behind him. Over the time he just withdrew himself from it. Now, one of those students has made it big. And we attended a workshop from him where some thousands of people attended. My intention was to make myself familiar with the terminologies and to investigate the realities of the business. Of course, I had a pen and book with me to double me up as a journo!

Stocks, Futures, Options etc:

The series of seminars that lasted for more than 3 hours, started with a prayer from students of school for blind. The investment company headed by Mr NSK Murthy, donated some amount to the school. An introductory talk by Dr Krishna was followed by a seminar from Murthy. The presentation touched upon various terminologies, tricks, demo of software used to predict the share market, with some humour in between and a question and answer session. Mr Murthy’s wit was at its best display during q and ans.

I am going through 4 huge books on various tactics , trends and newspaper articles. So you know whom to contact for your investment advice !


Next was a session by Dr Krishna, who has practiced allopathy for more than 15 years in US, about an ayurvedic center he has set-up in Mysore. Very elaborate presentation covered the healing techniques used in Ayurvedha to state of the art facilities in the center at Mysore. He has plans to extend the services to other countries by setting up hospitals there.

Theme park:

Iskcon has been granted huge land by Govt near to Kanakapura road to build “theme park”. If you want to experience God, see Him in all forms, even in special effects — thus spoke Iskcon representatives who outlined the attractions and facilities being planned in the theme park. The multimedia presentation movie was as attractive as a movie and was equally professional. The park includes a 4D theater aka iMax, the 4th dimension being vibration of chairs, water sensation for legs, fog creation, smell creation etc. It would play the childhood activities of Krishna. Water sport would accompany some other stories of Krishna with special effects. Sport and relaxation for children, aged people, artistic entry, laser light movie, animated Hiranya Kashipu -the attractions and plans are too many to write down; at the end I felt that the actual is even 10% of what is promised, its worth the wait. I am surely gonna arrange a get-together there!!

To fund their construction (at least by part) they have taken up construction and selling of flats nearby to the said site. An useful intro to that was too present.

Astrology and Advices:

Most interesting speech was next by S K Jain (an astrologer and futurist) who spoke of the “luck” factor that is necessary inspite of all the smartness and hardwork. He also cited many of his achievements as futurist, but most importantly I liked his knowledge of poems and literature. He quoted Sanskrit, Hindi, Kannada quotes and poems just like I use words! He succeeded to tickle the funny bone too! Finally he advocated “Hare rama hare krishna” chanting.

The mad and ugly rush for the free lunch was no surprise considering people had come there following an advt to learn to make crore rupees in a day !!


Each of the above paragraphs is condensed from a 2-3 page article of thoughts, time makes the best editor!

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