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Cricket and philanthrophy

March 15th 2005 in News, Sports, Thoughts

Two beneficial matches for Tsunami victims – I had groaned at the news. Can’t our players give a part (small part) of what they have already earned ? I mean, do I get to earn a day extra and paid extra so that I can donate? Or do I just keep aside a part of my earning? And we all know the difference in the impact of my donation and their donations.

But the optimist in me consoled me telling this – not only players donate, if they play lot of audience also donate. Also the amount collected from advt/sponsorships etc is enormous in any scale compared to individual donations by players. I said Ok.

Lot of publicity happened for the matches with reports and summary covering half a page of newspaper.One match played. Lot – *LOT* of money collected. Tsunami wave died down. Other match cancelled. Rs 1 crore donated. News item appeared in a corner.

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