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Birthday :)

March 15th 2005 in Life, Personal, Thoughts

My existence on earth completes its 24 years today !! Happy birthday to me :) Thanks for all those who wished me.

I have taken one week off and am sitting at home. Lot of people expressed their surprise over I doing nothing with the leave. I am just relaxing. Thats a lot of work, you see ;-)
Last time I had taken off was an year ago. That shows how healthy and efficient I am :) Also, I lookup dictionary for the meaning of on-bench ;-)

There are lot of things that I can do and time still needs to be managed well using my priority principle.

I have done a bit of wordpress, and maintaining a site parrallely. More on this later. Also, http://wakeup.to/sunshines brings you to this blog. Big deal.

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My previous post was almost a month back :-/ Not only because I was left with no time for other activities than work, but because I didn’t have time to write about them ! So here is an update:Pyhton MeetFutures,Ayurvedha,Iscon theme park,Astrology,Journalism.White noiseOffice updateVanila & PaintSms_Timepass

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