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Don’t put too much time and effort in all these friendship and other things. Those look rosy and just like chocolate, tastes good only as long as it lasts. They are good only in movies and fictions. There are no one called good friends and bad friends. All are good, on an average, and all are selfish on an average. There is no reason to be otherwise. I don’t deny real good friends who last long despite differences and other things, but are very rare.Finding such people would be a matter of luck and testing to that effect is hardly worth it. Each one will take his/her path and move away and unless you keep seeing them and keep in touch, the once great friendship reduces just to “how are you?”, and a recall of old memories. Friendship is directly proportional to the time you spend with them and I think you will not even be seeing same people after 2-3 years! There should be nothing called as “break-ups” if there is good friendship and if people can’t see each other once, there can never be a real “patch up”. These will look immature and silly after sometime. And more often than not, all the trouble and effort are not worth them.Try to do justice to your time and give right priority to right things.

Philosophy lecture to my younger brother. Wish I had an elder brother !

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  1. First time I've heard someone echoing my thoughts. Your views are so close to mine… I could have spoken those words myself.

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