“I observed you were not able to choose and decide!”, lamented the shop keeper lady at a spectacle shop. “I’ll take this”, I had just said, refering to the frame through which I was looking deep into my own eyes in the mirror reflection, holding two sets each in both hands.

I face similar situations sometimes during shopping, sometimes because I realise that more often than not I “wont have a choice”.

I’ve had quite a few choice-less scenarios in my life when I just accept the things offered to me on a platter without even thinking twice about it. And there can never be a choice to regret either! “You have made all your choices!” Oracle enlightened Neo in movie “The Matrix”.

I grumble about the choice-less situations, but choices often land me into great levels of confusion. Choice is always accompanied with advantages/compromises. If those are not clear, there is greater problem. Life is a series of logic gates where you continuously evaluate and decide yes or no, one teacher spoke philosophy in a computer class. “To be or not to be?” Shakespeare could not have put it more aptly.

“Specs is just an analogy/sample“, I wish I could tell her.

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