Rukhawat ke liye KHED hai….

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Before anyone reminds, let me realise myself and accept the reality that my posting frequency is infrequent. Few other things are taking priority and time.

Currently reading : The man who knew infinity (A life of the Genius Ramanujan) by Robert Kanigel. It would take anything from 3 weeks to 3 months to finish.

I leave you with this trigger…Where do you see yourself at 33years ?

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6 thoughts on “Rukhawat ke liye KHED hai….

  1. Hi RK, Have you watched aapta mitra- the kannada movie? If you have ,please write a review of that.If you have not, watch it and then write the review. :)same goes with the plays you watch @ Ranga shankara . Thanks much,Pradeep

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