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Who moved my cheese

January 31st 2005 in Book Review, Life, Thoughts

“Who moved my cheese” by Dr Spencer Johnson. Read an ebook in one sitting. Had been seeing this book in all book stalls and was curious about it.

I just rushed through first part (where the preparation for story) and the third part (the real life analogies and aplications). The third part is fine, but I felt like those managerial talk.

The second part is actually the cheese story. Moving of cheese is an analogy to some change we don’t expect. Story talks about four characters different in their approach towards the change and elabarote coverage of one character,Haw. His learnings and thoughts are all displayed for us to learn.

Don’t I see lot of Hem,Haw,Sniff and Scurry all around me !! What am I ? Different one in different circumstances. Since the “change” situation can occur in any context, we better practise the preachings!

Probably, the book did not ask/answer two questions (directly):
1) What if the cheese really did “disappear” overnight ?
2) What if the cheese never got over and I am comfortable in the cheese store for a life time ?
The answers I think are
1) Never loose my shoes. And keep them ready to use.
2) Even in this case, look out in the maze for cheese stores. There are all the possibilities to find a better store. Whether or not, looking out will keep one fit and “in the race”.

I am searching my shoes.

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“Who moved my cheese”

got it?….ur shoes:)


Not yet…but good news search has begun…


Where can I possibly get an ebook for "Who Moved My Cheese?" My MBA professor wants a book review and reaction from us. Thanks guys. Im from Manila, Philippines by the way.


Sorry MV, I do not know where can you get that. I was given by my friend and am afraid I do not have it now.

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