National Treasure

Figure this: I watch a bad print on my 17″ screen 2 days before and again I go and shell out 150 bucks for the same movie in big screen!! Finally, Nbk‘s jinx at PVR broken!! Waiting to break the same at RS.

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Having office in front of movie hall helps. I went back to my work after the movie and it was a nice feeling!

How I wish PVR announced some incentives for frequent visitors!!

Ps: Apart from the movies, I utilised this weekend usefully and hence there is no “great regret” about spending time on movies.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Movies

  1. Its like this :Weekend starts approaching from friday morning and friday after 4pm, it would have already set in 🙂 Dont agree with me ?? Check out the ticket prices at PVR: Mon-Thur is one price and Fri-Sat-Sun is costlier!! Also ,heard that weekend will advance one more day in the near future ;-))