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In the early morning, during morning walk, the laughter wave travelled to me. These are the familiar waves from a laughter club. In the chilled morning, not only do they wake up, but manage to laugh aloud — should be appreciated. But ask me to join them, I wont!! I simply cant laugh for the sake of it. And that too, making various hand gestures while laughing? I cant! I would rather watch and laugh.

But still, it was Kannan whose name pulled me to the laughter club that day. Hiremagalur Kannan is known for his “pooja” in Kannada Language. Not only simple daily pooja, but he also has kannada mantras for almost all rituals including marriage. Though his mother tongue is Tamil, he has done a lot for Kannnada language. He has published the kannada mantras book, and is a prominent person in any “hasya sammelana”. His ability to quote Kannada poets/poems
(both old and new) is simply amazing. His memory is as much to be appreciated as his interest in reading books. He can simply quote a poet in each of his sentence!!

Accompanying him was Asadulla Beg. Being a Kannada Shayari Samrat,he (and his shayaris) displayed the characteristic humour and thought provoking abilities of a “sher”. He made it so easy that I felt all it needs to create a good “sher” is open eyes and open ears.

Wish I could remember their laugh tonic….very few samples here:

Kannadadalli hendathiyannu “lay” endu kareyuttare(In kannada wife is addressed as “lay”)Teluginalli hendathiyannu “dee” endu kareyuttare(In telugu wife is addressed as “dee”)
Yeradu serise englishnalli lady endu kareyuttare(Both combined, in english used as “lady”)

A person approaches a humour activist and says “You advice laugh.

Your maid doesnt seem to agree you”. “Why?” “Whenever I give a smile to your maid, she feels like hitting me with the very groom stick?!”

Christian: Hanuman is our person.
Muslim: No, Hanuman is our person
Sikh: You both are wrong. He is our person.

All of them approach a hindu priest, who quiet naturally is surprised and asks them their claim.
Christian says ” Havent u heard of He-Man, Super-man. Just like that Hanu-man is ours!”
Muslim: “Reh-maan,Sule-maan. Similarly Hanu-maan is our man”
Sikh: Who else but a Sikh will put fire to his tail and jump all

around the city if someone has stolen someone’s wife??

2 thoughts on “Laugher Club

  1. I did not know him earlier. I attended the above mentioned program. Yeah…his sense of humour was good and simple.
    Also lot of searches for him lead to my site..so he is very popular I guess.