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January 3rd 2005 in Life
Got an opportunity to look at my office desk-top !!my desk is completely lost in papers….i can see papers lying all around me and all over the desk so much that i have to search a patch to know my desk’s colour!

in between …there are keyboard, monitor, coffee cup, water bottle, mobile, wires, file folders, helmet, staplers, punching machine, diary, calendar, phone– all things in the most undisciplined way….

got back the pen and its cap which were separated from each other few weeks back (in a kumbhmela) in fact pen reminded of a person who has left the place..
monitor and cpu are actually black in color but they have this artistic uniform brown coating (of the dust)…..I usually used to remove the dust. but someone has taken away my duster also(or it might also be lost in this debris….

Wow it was a good exercise to look at my desk and to look all around me….I could see so many things, which I never knew were existed right on my desk….I guess I was staring at this dumb monitor all these days….but let me be very modest…my contribution to such a set-up is minimal, its been like this even before I have come here…

Coming up: a peep into my cupboard

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once you start a blog, u have a moral obligation to update it regularly.

Not many events in the previous year that will be important to my career or personal life. It was a dry year. Unplanned, directionless I just sailed.If some things that makes the year worth remembering, they are>> I toured/visited/trekked Pondichery, Honnemaradu, Dharmasthala, Ooty, Munnar, Shivanasamudra, Ombattu Gudda etc>> I bought computer system.>> Saved/invested money (Phew…first […]

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The flyovers (their construction to be precise) have some strange relation with me. The hosur road flyover construction started just when I had started using that stretch of the road. I have probably seen the very first stone used for the construction. The pace of its construction amused me. The change of routes I had […]

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