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I have learnt that I should also count *nice* stuff as much or more than *not nice* stuff. . . . . .
Thus, since I wrote about my dismal weekend, let me also write about the *packed* weekend!

My this weekend was superb.. weekend started on Friday evening itself…..since a long time I had been wanting to go to pvr..that I went….watched raincoat with colleague….
Saturday …went to temple the first thing(I go to temple on every Saturday….)then went to Swades with my brother…visited my friend .returned home to see some relatives…played with their cute kid…. attended a friend’s reception, there had an amazing,joyful good time with a friend.

in between something had hurt my eye and it was intolerable…but somehow I managed to spend the day..

Sunday…attended our class get-together…it was fairly successful with 17 friends dropping in…had met few of them months ago…had loads of fun…went to Nandhini for lunch, icecream….roamed around.

One person who had maintained silence with me(because he could not stand me when I could not stand him) in college re-started to speak to me……returned home and 2 friends came home…I never feel bored to talk to these guys for hours….one is a walking encyclopedia with no ego problems..and our wavelengths,tastes match so well…we gossip about all things under sun…
If I can continue the weekend enjoyment to Monday….yesterday evening we had project dinner….good food and drinks….

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