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December 28th 2004 in Life, Personal, Tech

After lot of research and compromises I have bought a new PC. Hunger for memory in my earlier version ensured I gave it a high priority. I now have a 1/2 GB ram! Having heard lot about AMD, I decided to go for it. Athlon 64bit processor now resides in my box. Motherboard availability and configuration for Athlon is very diverse. I went for MSI motherboard, half whose resources I don’t use at present. Other configurations are normal.

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I have always hated floppies. I agree that they were once saviours for data transfer. But certainty in unreliability, when it mattered most, has often made me pull my hairs. And a fatal virus attack due to a floppy is unforgettable to me.

I now have a Pen drive. And whats more: It is a mp3 player Also it is a voice recorder. With 256MB USB drive, my needs are more than met for another 10,000 read writes.

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Suggestion: If you are going to buy this, look for the one with display for mp3.

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Hey buddy.. could see more of u rather than ur "desktop" (read Gayatri Joshi on desktop)SK

EDP Day Out.Initiation:Through colorful mails, the plan was intimated to all. Few more mails & reminders — start time, head-count and pick-up points were finalized. Goswami’s and Sowmya’s organizational skills, to the smallest details, were at good display.Our one day picnic to Shivanasamudra and if possible mahadevpura was to start at 7 AM “sharpâ€? on […]

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