(This is about my friend’s first visit to a club. Then why is it on my blog ?? Bcoz efforts to convert “a casual conversation during coffeeâ€? to “written wordsâ€? are mine.)

Fresher’s party – the event I had been looking forward to from past one week. It’s a party for freshers of a reputed engg college. I, being a respected alumnus, was invited. Rs 150 – A mug of beer, dance, an intro to juniour girls – what more do I need for an eventful weekend.

So there was I, wearing my favorite funky dress to match the occasion, on time. The atmosphere was dark and smoky. Music was ear shattering. The surrounding would persuade a non-smoker to turn into chain smoker in few minutes. And the wild-dances and other histrionics displayed, though were expected, were disturbing. And there she was, my once darling, avoiding my eye contacts.

I thought, let me gulp down a beer at least. And soon after, without even giving a second look, I literally ran out and away from that place. I didn’t want to return home so soon. I entered town-hall, where as a part of Bengaluru Habba, a classical music concert was going on. The soothing music made me realize my taste. At the least, my taste is NOT ear shattering loud noise. Also, “sheâ€? wouldn’t have been *right* in my life.

All the best, freshers! May you learn your lessons soon!

(Hope he finds all his correct destinations in life as soon and easily as possible. –Rk)