Rangashankara – The Final Rehearsal

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The day I had been waiting has finally come. After a ride in dusty Kanakapura road, thanks to Chill, we entered RS just in time. Unlike last time, we got the tickets.

We comfortably placed ourselves in the top most row. The theater has a homely feel and at the same time, is grand. The 3.5 crore project can not leave any stone unturned. The lighting, sound arrangements are all set to give good experience of theater.

For the next one hour we observed and absorbed the play silently. The different story from the usual stereotype movies was a welcome change. Our group has shown interest to watch plays regularly.

After visit to bookstall and a sip of coffee we parted.

Play – The final rehearsal
The protagonist was sitting on the chair quietly much before the play started. The bell rang and the drama unfolded. The difficulties faced by an actor and his undying spirit to win the best actor award are the main jist of the play.

The obscurity of the content was itself a good strength. The play gripped the audience despite its initial enigma, thanks to its intensity. The versatility of the actor was exhibited. His voice modulation and the sudden change in facial expressions were laudable. The effort-estimation behind a single person performing continuously for an hour, is difficult.

Well, there was another sensitive co-actor Brownyell(a chair). The satire and pun were present throughout, but I liked the great detail in the personification of brownyell.

Let me not claim that I followed each line. But the abstractness was challenging. Distraction and relaxing for even a second meant you missed something. And as later suggested by my friend, I realised that reviewing a play is difficult and useless. One has to see it to believe.

Acting and dialogue delivery fetch full points to the performer. Its nice to know that director-actor Pawankumar is from our college(PESIT)!

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