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Oo Aa Ouch

December 18th 2004 in Life

I sprained my leg :(
It hurts most when I sprain my leg on a saturday morning with lot of things planned for the weekend….

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“Oo Aa Ouch”

More than half the plans of weekend were suspended. But I am back to normal now…well, almost. I’m so normal that nobody can guess I could not move my leg the whole of yesterday! So my plans to take leaves are shelved. I recovered due to bandaging, massaging and most importantly steaming ! Here is how you do steaming – Put water in pressure cooker. Connect the gas pipe in the place of whistler. And direct the steam to the sprained part. It acts not only as a pain reliever but also as a healer.


u write comments to ur own post????

I am simply overwhelmed by the look n feel of Google products. Google- the word always brought the picture of search engine in front of my eyes. Not anymore. It has spread wings to all web-based products like email, and soon we will be chanting google for all our needs!Where-ever they have been, they stirred […]

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The day I had been waiting has finally come. After a ride in dusty Kanakapura road, thanks to Chill, we entered RS just in time. Unlike last time, we got the tickets. We comfortably placed ourselves in the top most row. The theater has a homely feel and at the same time, is grand. The […]

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