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December 18th 2004 in Tech

I am simply overwhelmed by the look n feel of Google products. Google- the word always brought the picture of search engine in front of my eyes. Not anymore.

It has spread wings to all web-based products like email, and soon we will be chanting google for all our needs!

Where-ever they have been, they stirred competition. Searching, which was just an add-on feature provided by other websites, got a new meaning with google search. To an extent that google site is synonomous with internet.
Its announcement of offering free 1 gb web e-mail literally kicked the email giants , who had been sleeping with the thought –“2 mb of email space is enough for anyoneâ€?.Other innovative features (eg:sorting,archiving etc) were simply unheard of,even though web-emails have been around for an era. Didn’t understand their logic of restricting its number of users (only via gmail invitations) though!

This blog site is also a google product (no, they have not sponsored me to write this!). The simple sign up is good enough reason for me to be here.

The context based ads in gmail is simply the best I have seen. When links related to the topic I just read in the mail, are displayed below the mail – I am tempted to follow them.
To provide another example of simplicity, I like it when I see my mails(to me) being marked as “meâ€? in the sender coloumn!

My gmail : rkrules AT gmail DOT com.

Heard they are coming up with an OS …. Also heard, they are recruiting !

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