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After a great deal of research, I stumbled upon a neat book on quotes.

Oxymoronica , a word coined by Dr Mardy Grothe , a psychologist, author of “Never let a fool kiss you or a kiss fool you” , has come up with a book of same name, containing paradoxical wit and wisdom from greatest wordsmiths.

Oxymoronica is a superset and mixture of paradox, oxymoron, chiasmus, as author says. I felt it also encapsulates irony, sarcasm and many other things. Author goes on to define oxymoronicas to convey deeper meaning than they mean superficially. Before I began to read, I wondered about the existence of so many quotes to fill the fat book. But after finishing I now will have to search for normal quotes.

Paradox – A statement that looks false but is nonetheless true(Less is more OR The more the things change the more they remain same-Alphonse Karr)
Oxymoron – Two contradicting terms (pretty ugly)..Oxymoronica is not just contradicting terms, but contradicting ideas (Free love is too expensive-Delvin)
Chiasmus – Reversing the order of words.
First I dream my painting , then I paint my dream –Vincent van Gough

Infact may of all our favorite quotes (and e-mail signatures) could be categorized into one of these groups. Or they are our favorite only because they are oxymoronicas.

Neatly broken into 14 chapters depending on interesting basis like “ancient oxymoronicaâ€?(The half is greater than the whole-Greek poet Hesiod) , “political oxymoronicaâ€?(“Your greatest enemy is your greatest friend) “oxymoronic adviceâ€?(Never take anybody’s advice- George Bernard Shaw), “oxymoronic insults(and few praises)â€?(she never was really charming till she died-Terence), “oxymoronica on stageâ€? (I just want to be normally insane) and the ultimate “inadvertent oxymoronicaâ€?(oxymoronic quotes by accident). Inadvertent oxymoronica, where most of Bush’s quotes are found, is an ideal last chapter of the book. And I stil have my reserves about author’s decision to place many quotes in chapters other than “inadvertent oxymoronicaâ€? and vice –versa.

Most often , his definition of oxymoronica – any variety of tantalizing self-contradictory statements or observations that on the surface appear false /silly / illogical, but at a deeper level are true, often profoundly true – fits the quotes.

As suggested on the cover “as addictive as a bowl of peanutsâ€?, it made a fast read. If sometimes I would just laugh loudly at the quotes, other times I would take a break to understand and absorb the inner meaning.

If in an effort to find the oxymoronica meaning in normal quotes, if one succeeds, purpose served is only less (Because “less is moreâ€?).

All my best thoughts were stolen by ancients- Emerson

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