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This is how I launched this blog;-)
I now publish my thoughts on the net…visit my blog at Lens ….It is dedicated particularly to the one who inspired, urged and helped me to start a blog and in general to each one of you who gave *me* a pat when “you” liked my writing and slammed *me* when “you” were disappointed…

As an introductory offer I have 3 new posts…Though I don’t promise regular posts, there are chances that the enthu sustains…

Stop by my blog and do leave comments…remember “even mosquito expects a pat for its workâ€? …

Ravikiran R

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5 thoughts on “Launch !

  1. Hi Ravi, This is a great idea, Ur doing a fine job, Plz post ur HUM TUM it was really awesome, I wanted to show that 2 my colleagues here, keep up the great work!!!Cheers!Ranjith

  2. hi… finally u started blogging!! Hope this will be one of the most viewed blogs of all time :-)best regards,SK

  3. Good work buddy!! u have taken a step in the right direction. u write and v vl support u by reading and giving comments thro' our now famous "Reply to All" …Awaiting many more blogs,Sriram

  4. Hi Ravi, Congratulations !!!I am sure you will enjoy blogging !!!Believe me it is more fun on our side, who would faithfully look out for new updates, read, praise and at times if you permit criticize too !!Enjoy Blogging !!!

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