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Theatre festival – screamed the posters hung all over the city. With an abstract face painted in bright colors, the publicity by Hutch could not go unnoticed. The interviews of Arundathi Nag and other information by the media could only add to interest among the people.
The bug could not leave me – occasional visitor to theatre – unbitten. Work pressures and other appointments kept me away from it but I finally managed to allot it priority and time on weekend.

Located in the quiet and residential JP Nagar, it is little easier to approach RS compared to heavy traffic ways to other theatres in Blore. Plays are to start at 7:30, but anticipating some rush (weekend), we decided to be there by 6. To our surprise there was a long queue. We were told there were available only 10 tickets and since there was no point standing in queue (as told by security), we tried to explore the place.

The architecture of the building itself adds it to visit-worthy spots of Bangalore. The stone kept at the entrance, interior decoration, lighting, colors all try to imitate the abstract beauty of plays.

There is a bookshop whose shelves are decorated with all kinds of books. It will just be another hangout place for book lover. Spotted cinema related books and other best sellers.

There is a café where one can taste light snacks and sip coffee. What makes it look trendy and different is the homely feel due to unconventional chairs/tables and their placement. Candle lit tables and the surrounding dark atmosphere makes it a right hang-out place for people who love peace.

A platform performance was going on…(a puppet show managed by a single person behind the screen) but my disappointment of having missed the play came in the way of enjoying the performance.

Thanks to good publicity and class performers from all over India associated with this festival, there was a good crowd. Crowd varied from mature old people to MTv isthyle young people. From serious looking faces to time passing couples. From people wearing dull jubba to colorful dresses. All this only added to already vibrant atmosphere. Among the celebrities I spotted were, apart from the very Arundathi Nag, some other TV/Theatre personalities(Mukta,BAB etc)

Shankar Nag:
Rangashankara is erected in tribute to Shankar Nag – one of the most versatile artist India has ever seen. From acting to directing, from theatres to tv/movies, if there was a person whose thoughts were always ahead of his era, it was Shankar. Nick named Karate king, some of his movies had ingredients of popular movie while others had a touch of art cinema. But of all his works, Malgudi Days remains my favorite and is a timeless work liked by all ages. It is only a tragedy and loss of unknown impact that death hugged him in a hurry.
His friend and wife Arundathi set out to put one of his many dreams into reality. Her second child – Rangashankara – is the result of her efforts to create “dedicated space for theatre and theatre related activitiesâ€?- a dream she shared with Shankar Nag and other friends.
Though it feels nice to imagine Shankar Nag to be breathing all over the place, mind looks out for his presence. There it is – his picture with his hands held high, welcoming us right in the entrance.

With a disappointed heart, we had to depart – having smelt, seen the food, without tasting it. We bid bye with a wish to go there once again, soon.

Coming soon : Rangashankara – Once more.

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