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Hum Tum

November 5th 2004 in Movie Reviews

I had plans to post all my earlier reviews in their chronological order…but too many requests for Hum Tum ..so here it is ..
Me: Vakao!!Chalo , hum tum ke baare me baath karoonga
You : What ?!
Me : Chalo, hum tum milke humtum ke baare mein baath karenge .Vakao!!
Me(Now on wards Hum): First scene is in aerodrome.Vakao
You(Now on wards Tum):So?
Hum: Movie is from Yash Chopra , so you get to make world tou. After all he has been given award by Swiss govt for promoting Swiss tourism !!
Tum: So what all we can see?
Hum: Delhi, Mumbai, Paris, New York, Museum, Amstedam etc
Tum: How is India ?
Hum: Huh! What a question ! It is so beautiful , small kids do this that on the roads, wow! Vakao!
Tum: Why the hell u r shouting Vakao?
Hum: When I saw Tom cruise hair style of Saif, I remembered tarzan and felt like shouting Vakao!
Tum: Y tarzan ?
Hum: Saif has the same body also Vakao
Tum : But this movie has Rani
Hum: Ok I will shout Fanta …Fanta
Tum: Also Lays…lays …
Tum: Tell me the story
Hum: Have you seen DDLJ ?
Tum: Yes what in ddlj?
Hum: Train, bus, city sight seeing , love-hate , meeting again and again …
Tum: So ?
Hum: Nothing yaar … I am simply recalling
Tum: Tell me the story
Hum: There r cartoons in the movie
Tum: What do you mean? Rani aur Saif kartoons hain ?
Hum: No I mean there are cartoons …actual cartoons..animations
Tum: I dont believe you, What are their names ?
Hum: Hum Tum
Tum: Tera matlab , mein cartoon hoon ?!
Hum: Nahi yaar, why do you want to misunderstand me always?
Tum: Tell me the story
Hum: You have seen the re union of Rishi Kapoor and Rati agnihotri in Kuch katti kuch meethi ?
Tum: yes so what ?
Hum:Nothing yaar … I am simply recalling
Tum: Tell me the story
Hum: Tune KKHH dekha hai?
Tum: What in that ?
Hum: wo small fighting, woh kajol’s haircut, wo confusion between love-friendship
Tum: Yeah it was so very …
Hum: so very …so very….
Tum: Tell me the story
Hum: Have you seen Kal ho na ho?
Tum: yes what in kal ho na ho?
Hum: Hero ka kudna machalna gaana nachna hasna hasana
Tum: Yes to impress heroine..or rather make heroine come out of boredom
Hum: And finally try to “fix” someone else to the heroine
Tum: yes…
Hum: Heroine ka dukaan chalana…hero ka madad karna….
Tum : so what ?
Hum : kuch nahi yaar , recalling …
Tum: Kahani batao please
Hum: Tune DTPH dekha hai ?
Tum: yeah
Hum: Woh confusion whether friends can be lovers or lovers can be friends
Tum: You are confused.. Friends can never be lovers but lovers can be friends
Hum: No
Tum: Yes
Hum: Ok forget it, do you remember that : daaru peene ki baad dil ki baath zuban pe aana
Tum: yeah it was in some other movie also .. but y r u telling all this
Hum : Because …all ….those ….cowards (coward boys)…hic… should…hic… drink …to …tell …the matters of ..hic..heart
Tum: But what happened to u ? why are u speaking broken
Hum: Maine bhi kal daaru piya… kuch hua mere saath …??
Tum: Kuch undono ke pyar ke baare mein batao
Hum: Rani gets married …event manager is influenced by monsoon wedding…
Tum: Gets married to whom?
Hum: AB
Tum: You are kidding….
Hum: Haan shayad …mujhe har jagah AB hi dikhta hai aaj kal …
Tum: Which paper do you read?
Hum:I dont read Times of India
Tum: Why ?
Hum: Bcoz, kal mein Times of India nahi padtha tha , aaj bhi Times of India nahi padoonga , kal bhi Times of India nahi padoonga.
Tum: But why?
Hum: Mein sirf Times of India dektha hoon ;-)
Tum: So what happens next
Hum: Hum keeps meeting her again and again
Tum: Kyon?
Hum:Zindagi bahut lambi hai
Tum: Times of India mein tujhe kya pasand aata hai?
Hum: Dubyamaan or Kapoor ka HumTum
Tum: OR ?!
Hum: Dono bahut similar hai . Isliye confuse hota hoon konsa pasand karna chahiye.
Hum: Zindagi bahut lambi hai
Tum: So?
Hum: Hum can write a book
Tum: Why ?
Hum: So that tum can read it and come back later …
Tum: Why does he have so much belief?
Hum: His father also gets back his love after satra saal baad..Zindagi bahut lambi hai
Tum: He also wrote a book?
Hum: No yaar.. if you can use your speaking ability you need not write a book..
Tum: Then is hum dumb?
Hum: No yaar … how do I make you understand ? Usse galati ho jati hai …
Tum: Kya galti?
Hum: eeee….. ding dong ding dong
Tum: What…?! Akele se galti hoti hai ?
Hum: Oh get lost I cant tell you further …
Tum: Please tell story …
Hum: No ya .. I have got to go….bye
Tum: Tu kaha chala ?
Hum: Kaam karne !
Tum: Magar zindagi bahut lambi hai
Hum; Zindagi lambi hai, movie bhi lambi hai. Aur mera bak bak bhi lambi hai. Magar kaam bahut hai, deadline kal hai, PM peeche khada hai!

Some points
1) Catch Rani, who is looking better and better in each movie.
2) Catch Saif who continues his re-invented form from DCH, which he improved in Kal Ho Na Ho. His ability to portray different variety of emotions is commendable. And what else, his tom cruise look is so good !?!!??
3) Catch some timepass dialogues.

For all you those who thought Yuva was a little taxing on brains and it was too serious and it was non-realistic , catch this one with your sweetheart with a pack of popcorn.

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“Hum Tum”

Damn cool dude!! But I liked Yuva better…

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