What happens when too many talents come under one roof ? Utter chaos ? Fortunately not so , when they are guided by a person who is a master of his task. Manirathnam one such master , clearly knows the strengths and weaknesses of his team.
Yuva, a cinematically near perfect show piece unfolds in front of you , describing the life of three youngsters. One ,a lower middle class “tapori” being exploited by the big-shots in politics. Whence , he realizes his being exploited , he decides to take a hold on it. And to achieve that , he can go to any limit.
Other , higher middle class person , having ambitions to pursue higher studies abroad. A typical rich,party going, flirt, vulnerable teenager. Clearly knows what he wants ( though that gets changed ). And last but not least , middle class college going person , does not like what ever is going on and takes a plunge into setting it right. He sure knows the difficulties , but then , is also sure of his success.
What comes striking is the fact that these youngsters are not the puppets of the situations , instead dare enough to control it for themselves. Clearly acknowledging the mindset of today’s generation.
The three plots are tightly woven and brilliantly crafted. The characters are well defined. The performances are just flawless. The cinematography, dialogues ( though it requires good concentration and knowledge of mavalli hindi in some parts), music are all good in their own standards. Particularly, song picturization of Anjaana is good.
Around the voilence , the hard core of the story , are woven plots to expose the subtelities/nuances of relationships. Be it the voilent love or i-didnt-know-you yesterday but i-will-miss-you tomorrow kinda feelings or be it its-all-nonsense-but-i-love-u kinda unbothered attitude, they succeed in striking a chord.
The sudden emotional bursts, the pace of events and turn of events will surely remind an avid bollywood watcher Satya (or Company). The brilliant use of flashbacks , like in Alay payuthe, is very effective. Confused Mani of Dil Se is replaced by very focussed Mani of Yuva.
Coming to performances, Rani Mukhorjee, displaying good variety of emotions , is good. Kareena is ok. Esha is cute. Om puri with Bongal accent is good.
AD like wine ,is getting better and better in every movie. His confident looks , those expressive eyes add to his natural ability of impressive perfomance. And choclate boy, VO is cute and good enough. He also succeeds with good timing for comic shades. Hats off to AB , who had remained an unpolished gem. His sorrowful looks , voilent eyes and the gangster voice vouches him the perfect role. The dialogue delivery is simply brilliant. I think even BigB will be proud of his son’s ability in dialogue delivery and facial expressions.

Fortunately , there is atleast one Mani , who polishes gems like Madhavan(who incidentally has enacted AB’s role in Tamil version) and AB.
Watch the movie, if you dont look for only entertainment.

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