TRAP – Trip Report and Analysis (Pondicherry)

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Things in navy are edited by my friend Guru, who is also to be credited for the title.

Project pondy stands for the project which was discussed for 2 months, post poned morethan 2 times,in which team members dropped in and out at a rate faster than fall of cycles in the cycle stand,and which finally got excuted in 2days.  Of which here is a project report.

The project involved all major phases of meticulous design, planning, reviews, estimates, decisions, change-request, customer service  and finally released with shortcomings. Unfortunatelythere is no provision for rework/change requests.

Guru,Madhu,NaveenL,Ganesh,Vasanth,Manoj,Ravi started to Pondy on 11th night. At chilling 4:30 we landed in Pondy. After waking up Dam and reminding himto join us, we check into the hotel. Wait for Dam continues even as we finish the morning formalities. Finally he arrives just before noon and we visit Aurobindo Ashram. We salute Him and have alook at the various books and His memorables. Of His advices, the one that caught our attention was the advocate of watching movie.

We hired bicycles and started to Aura beach. Initially there was a competation to be pillion riders but later it was changed to be riders.

Then our patience during lunch was tested with the delay in serving the food and also offered us the stiff challenge of finishing the ordered item. The confusion led them(servers) not to serve an ordered item and thus averted us of the bad health. Miscalculation in bill gave us of the satisfaction of revenge.

From the main road , Aura Ville is 8 km. After much discussion, our team set out tothere. The flood of foriegners to that place made us curious to know thespeciality of it. It is a calm place with a huge well maintained park. In themidst of it, stays a sphere , Golden Globe. Speakers voice(without any mic) wouldbe heard to 300 ppl who can be seated inside. Alas, due to renovation ,visitors are allowed to have a look only on Sunday.

Finally the long awaited beach visit. And the joy of playing in water. Time runs and wewind up half-hearted.

A tiring return journey. We split up for dinner to facilitate like minded people to taste their individual choices. Mouth watering soups accompany Italian dishes.

Back in the hotel,it is time for gossiping. And most easily available and most often talked about topic among boys is about gurlz. Turn by turn ppl underwent the open-heart surgery done by Dr.RK. Theydiscussed about their dream girl/latest crush. Each one was in a different phase of the crush/love – life-cycle. Some wondered about the foolishness of guys to fall in this mad world while others realized the joy it gives to share the feelings. Some prayed their turn comes soon while some prayed that their turn may never come. The main attractions in the stories were RK’s swapnasundari, Manoj’s Doora -vani, Madhu’s Aunty No.1, Naveen.L’s sister,Dam’s April fool, vasanth’s bus-stop story. 

After detailed planning for the next day, which few of us knew would fail invariably, we hugged sleep grumbling about the failed plan of seeing a cab-‘beeeeep’. The beautiful sea view from balcony and the cosy bed vied for our attention. As expected , the start of theday itself was delayed. We were off to Mahabalipuram. The beautiful sculptures, rock carvings made us proud of our ancestors.
Another short visit to crowded seashore. Volleyball, football under hot sun sawus drain ourselves more.

Back to Pondi, a just in timevisit to Boat house, provided the oppurtunity of boating. The calm water and the beautiful sorrounding scenary was as attractive as the voilent beach.

Another try at different food and we wind up the project.

Few things did not happen as planned either because planning was similar to biting morethan we can chew or because lack of experience(and or time) in executing the plan. Complaints, regrets were no lesser than satisfaction. Nevertheless, it was a memorable trip. If not for anything, it was for new-found-sense-of-humour of madhu , absent minded-ness and hidden talent of the inability to speak/translate tamil of naveen , charm of damodar, confident and i-will-pull-everyone’s-leg gani, anything is ok and silence personified manoj, intentional visit of guru to another room where "beeeeeep",bus-stop is beautiful by vasanth,book keeping and open-heart surgery of Ravi.

There is so much invisible around the visible , the suprasensible , the sensible even asthe infinite sorrounds the finite.- Sri Aurobindo.

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