Strategic Product Leader

Product Sense

One of the fundamental attributes of a great product manager is to have a good product sense, that helps them make good decisions, with or without data.

I help teams build and deliver useful products on web and mobile.

Empathetic Team Leader


Whether as a product manager, or as a team player it is critical to be empathetic. Empathy is one of my core values.

About Ravikiran

Product Management Leader

Ravikiran is an experienced product management leader helping teams to build useful products on web and mobile. He mentors Product Managers, MBAs and aspirants.  

During his free time, he is a curious learner. 


"Kiran is a customer focused product manager and an analytic decision maker who plays a significant role in shaping products at AccuWeather.... At AccuWeather, he is respected amongst his peers and management team for his expertise, domain knowledge and a sense of humor. In summary, I strongly recommend Kiran to any team."
"Kiran is the consummate professional when it comes to product management. He is responsible for bringing product ideas from my large clients to life and delivering them on time. In the fast paced mobile environment, Kiran never gets flustered and keeps the client at ease with direct communication. It is a pleasure to work with him and I can trust my clients are in good hands."
Eric Guyer
Vice President, Business Development
"Ravi has been a wonderful mentor, is very knowledgable about the technology sector, and has many great perspectives on product development and design from his solid professional experience and career in product management. I've found him to be consistently insightful and have appreciate his keen sense of detail in sharing resources, discussions and feedback. I highly recommend him."
Melissa Hui
Founder, Context Leap
"Kiran was my supervisor. He was an excellent leader, because he listened and communicated effectively. I was inspired by his passion for Product Management, and his ability to always stay informed about the competitive landscape. He is very hardworking, and yet compassionate and understanding. I learnt a lot about practical business skills from him. He always stayed true to satisfying customer needs, and encouraged me to do the same, I truly enjoyed working for Kiran, and hope to work with him again in the future."
Judith Egbas
Sr Advisor, Global Sales

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Prudential Retirement

Consumer facing native mobile app rated 4.5+, with close to million users. Retirement plan participants (users) can access their retirement accounts such as 401k, and manage their contributions and investments.


Top ranked and rated free weather app among 500+ apps in the market. Introduced paid app. App provided information and warning, and showcased award winning design.

Alexa Skill for Prudential

First in the retirement and finance industry to offer an authenticated experience on Amazon's Alexa. Users can check their account balance, and investment performance.

AccuWeather app for Connected TVs

Weather app for connected TVs. Different technology, design and challenges than traditional web or mobile phone app. Built an easily scalable model that we could quickly customize and launch on many partner TV's platforms.

AccuWeather app for BB10

Not many remember a smartphone from BlackBerry, but we built a beautiful app, and it was one of the top ranked apps.


A first smartwatch app from AccuWeather, and as always I was up for a challenge. Later I also helped build app for Google's Android Wear, and it was ready on the day of the launch of Android Wear. No thrill like to launch an app to sync with a hardware launch, as it comes with its own idiosyncrasies of beta hardware and unknown challenges.

Some fun facts that I didn't tell you:

  • My app did not crash THE Google Maps
  • Nor did my testing affect 40K people’s finances

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